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  • St John’s Point Holiday Homes

St John’s Point Holiday Homes

St. John’s Point is at the end of a narrow peninsula which juts into Donegal Bay, south of the village of Inver. In the locality, you will find the remains of times long gone. Everything from standing stones to an old castle. From an old abbey to no less than twelve ring forts.

To the south is the coastline of Sligo and North Mayo, with the island of Inishmurray, rich in archaeological remains, and Streedagh Point where the Spanish Armada came to a tragic end. Looking north you can see right into Killybegs Harbour, and watch the large trawlers, Irish and continental, making their way to and from port. To the west the coastline ends in the massive sea cliffs of Sliabh League, and to the east you can see past Doorin Point towards Donegal Town at the head of the Bay. The Lighthouse at St. John’s Point provides an essential service to the fishermen of southwest Donegal, along with its sister lighthouses on Rathlin O’Beirne Island and on Rotten Island at the entrance to Killybegs harbour.

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