It was like something out of a movie

Natasha, we had the most beautiful stay at the Oyster House. It was like something out of a movie. It was so relaxing and picturesque. I could have stayed forever.

Even though the weather was awful we loved every second of it. And there’s something so cosy and soothing about looking out at the rain too. The boys loved their beds for the week and they enjoyed packing their stuff into the drawers. Normally we would all be living out of suitcases but we really settled into our “home” for the week.

Geraldine and Sharon were fabulous people and Sharon and her husband gave us lots of good tips about a few trips we planned to make.
Thank you so much for having us in the Oyster House. Hopefully, we will return someday. I have already recommended your house to 2 of my friends.

Thanks so much for everything
The Ryall family